I am the Chase Ministries is a single women’s ministry whose primary mission is to encourage singles to practice abstinence and celibacy. 

The ministry's mission is to increase a woman's faith, raise her self-esteem and confidence level and empower her with a  greater understanding of her value and self-worth.  

By reaching woman through empowering workshops, seminars, books, magazines, blog talk website, television shows and radio talk shows, she can live out her true greatness and be the wife God called her to be. 

See our book trailer below from YouTube:

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The Meaning of C.H.A.S.E.
C-Confidence in who you are by demonstrating a high level of integrity, good strong morals
   and values and presenting a wholesome  self- image.
H-Healing in the areas of loneliness and depression; embracing your season of being alone,
   and learning how to love, accept and appreciate who you are and where you are.
A-Effectively practicing abstinence and celibacy, learning how to discipline your body and
   mind by saying no to promiscuous activities.
S-Build positive self-esteem by understanding your value and self-worth, not settling for less
   and not compromising or lowering your standards.
E-Establish holistic interpersonal relationships with other women to uplift and encourage one
   another and also with those of the opposite sex; learning to set boundaries and limitations
   to overcoming sexual temptations.